spring break demo takes

by ugly lovers

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recorded in our bedroom one afternoon during spring break with the help of erik jensen.


released March 30, 2015

the track house, olympia, wa



all rights reserved


ugly lovers Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: punishment
lock away
what we can't control
throw away
all that's misunderstood
punish all
who aren't normal
clip their wings
and blame them for their troubles

it only matters
until it affects us at home
it only matters
until its at our front doors
it only matters
it only matters
Track Name: sister
my sisters burning in the california sun
ignored by everyone
her shaky hands hold cardboard signs
you dont look her in the eye

the things she has to do
no hope
she blames herself
she self medicates to keep the thoughts subdued

the systems failed her
you can see it in her face
if you ever care to look
she shivers with sickness
self defeat and anger
the worlds abandoned her
Track Name: white savior mouth
my voice trembles with doubt
silenced by your white savior mouth
your good intentions arent enough
you interrupt

i talk so loud
i drown you out
i steal your voice
i have got to learn to shut my damn mouth
i have got to learn to take up less space