nothing is natural ep

by ugly lovers

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released September 11, 2014



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ugly lovers Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: potluck rejects
where is the community? where do we fit in?

we fetishize the concept
through the zines that we read
but we dont see it anywhere

we ache for companions
to ally ourselves with
but they dont invite us

everybody seems to know of us
but nobody seems to know us

we're so isolated, we never get invited

well i guess we'll have to
build our own community
Track Name: war machine
hiroshima, nagasaki, no gun ri, wounded knee, abu ghraib, guantanamo bay
never forget our history of violence
a culture built on the graves of the innocent

the philippines, vietnam, afghanistan, iraq, iran
never forget our history of violence
a culture built on the graves of the innocent

mass graves and massacres, shrapnel and napalm
dead kids and our drones, torture and enslavement
war crimes, internment camps, capital punishment
the war machine rages on

conquer and colonize, arms dealing, coup d'etat
scandals and coverups, assassinations
chemical, nuclear weapons production
the war machine rages on
Track Name: unattainable beauty standards
define beauty then package it
set a standard that cant be met
products for problems that dont exist
we feel so ugly that we buy into it

overwhelmed with images
we mutilate ourselves
to meet a standard someone else defines
i wanna be pretty, i guess ill spend more money

the marketing and the advertising, they make me sick
the billboards and the magazines, they make me sick
pornography and television, they make me sick
my beauty is mine, eat shit

define your standards, reclaim your beauty
destroy the norm, love yourself
fuck their opinions, they can judge us when we're dead

we are all beautiful
end the assault on our bodies
Track Name: im not a spectacle, man
my body cries out
wishes to be free
double standards
they suffocate me

my anger is justified
sexual harassment in plain sight
i see white men running the punk scene
i dont see representation of people like me

i am not a guy
my existence is not affirmed
but denied

my areolas and mammary glands are oversexualized
i get hot just as much as you
dont take your fucking shirt off
unless i can too
if i take mine off for comfort or personal preference
i become a fucking "attention whore"
quick! slut shame her!
Track Name: romance is overrated
romance is consumerism
dating is industry, consumer culture
packaged gender roles, heteropatriarchy
man as provider, woman is property
he feels entitled to her body

romance is rape culture
expectations with no talk of boundaries
interpreting vague body language
pressuring and coercing
my culture tells me
this is romance

fuck romance